Ben Lastufka

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The foundation of my work is composed of the simple notion of life and death.  Though this concept couldn’t be more broad, it allows me to explore the physical evidence and natural processes of generation, erosion, and regeneration on an infinite scale and, in turn contrast these properties of change with human contribution and vulnerability.  Humans have always had this instinct, need and often desire to destroy and restore almost every aspect of our surroundings, including each other.

Our involvement in this changing environment has been immeasurable and accelerative.  However, our existence and sustainability remain fragile.  Much of my work examines both the consequential harm from the clumsy handlings of technological advancements and the simple fragility of life, itself.  By incorporating several textural techniques and materials, such as fire, vinyl, radiographs and resins, into paintings that often overlap architectural elements of defunct industry, haunting iconic imagery, and distortions of human anatomy and emotion, I attempt to create feelings of vulnerability through alternate perceptions of both the physical and mental processes of disease.